Saturday, February 7, 2015

A dilemma

I'm seriously wondering if anybody actually needs these notes to be in English. I can't babble in English as easily as in Polish (and I happen to like babbling, like, a lot), so if there're no resolved objections on this matter, I think I'll continue posting here in Polish.

So... any objections? Does anybody of non-Polish speakers actually read it or do my blog statistics lie shamelessly? ;) If you're reading this, feedback'll be really appreciated!


  1. Mnie wsio jedno w jakim języku piszesz, bo oba rozumiem, ale samej zdecydowanie lepiej pisze mi się po polsku ;D i w sumie prawie wszystkie miejsca, gdzie pisałam po angielsku porzuciłam (twitter się nie liczy, bo tam jest krótko i zwięźle ;D).

  2. Blog title is in English. It would be unfair to worldwide receivers that they thought to come over to promisingly sounding place and then found out that the meaty part is in one of the hardest languages to master. You have no choice but to keep babbling ... I mean, "writing" in English.