Monday, December 8, 2014

Once upon a time

I'll tell you a fairy tale. Once upon a time there was a girl who loved collecting manga. One day one of the publishers named June happened to announce their new title, which was "Hana wa saku ka". This made the girl cry out with joy, she loved the author and was overwhelmed to be able to buy their another title. But the time was passing by and the manga still wasn't published. One day the publisher declared that the release will be postponed with no known date.
That pissed the girl off and she thought "Fuck you, June".

Yup, that's the short version of what I think about postponing publishing over and over without providing potential/future clients with any information. I already cancelled my orders for first and second volume of "Hana wa saku ka" from June, I'll buy Yumegari's edition, although I honestly hate them. Ugh.


  1. Ugh, ja też będę musiała połknąć swoją dumę, żeby kupić mangę od Yumegari :/ Będzie kupowanie z wielkim bólem dupy XD

    1. Już myślałam, że tym razem już żadna niespodzianka nie wyskoczy, ale teraz po prostu boję się, że nie dożyję wydania June. Ostatecznie mogę kupić potem też ich wydanie i polskie odsprzedać, jeśli się okaże mega słabe.