Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nottigham's Forbidden Planet

When I visit Nottingham, which happens from time to time - usually about twice a year - I always go to Forbidden Planet on Friar Lane. It's one hell of a comic book store with hundreds of mangas, comic books and gadgets. There's absolutely everything you could wish for when it comes to comic. What's more they have "3 for 2" promotions for manga, which is basically why I always come back to Poland with some new stuff in my bag - in May I brought back ten books with me. :D

This time it's only one, though - Sakuran by Moyoko Anno. I didn't come across this title before, but the cover and the summary seemed appealing and since there was nothing in particular I wanted to buy at the time I decided to have it. I didn't have time to read it yet (this is happening again, I know...), but when I do I'll write something about my impressions. :)

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