Saturday, November 1, 2014

"You two are a mass of contradictions" - Blue Morning vol. 5

Original title: 憂鬱な朝
English title: Blue Morning
Author: Hidaka Shouko
Publisher: SuBLime Manga
Language: English
Genre: Yaoi, historical, drama, slice of life

You can find description of the story here. I'm going to focus on my impressions on volume 5 published by SuBLime Manga.

I received this book a while ago, but finished reading today. Just as previous four volumes I can sum this one up with just one word: brilliant. Hidaka Shouko is one of my favorite authors - her stories are deep, often somehow twisted and with complicated plot, and her drawing style just makes me drool over the pages.
Sadly, this volume doesn't contain a lot of yaoi itself (sigh). Instead, the author focused on plot and the main intrigue, which is thickening up with every chapter. If you seek drama, surprising plot twists, and emotional rollercoaster - there you go, combined with mesmerizing drawings.

As for the quality of the publication - what I'm not able to comprehend is why each and every English manga has to have cover that is about one millimeter too short? Is it really that hard to cut the cover so it actually fits the size of the interior of the book? I mean, no matter if you buy manga published by SuBLime, Viz or Kodansha (put here any publisher you want, this sentence will still remain true - maybe except for June/Digital Manga Publishing), the cover is always a bit too short. Aargh.
I found one or two typos /screaming internally/ and, what made me the saddest manga collector in the world, there are a few pages where the print is blurred so the ink is on parts of page that were intended to remain white.

No matter what - I still find this series simply extraordinary and addictive. The world created by the author is complex and multidimensional - and so are her characters. Katsuragi's one of my future-non-existent husbands - that's enough said. If you're a BL fan and still not familiar with this title - you've missed something significant.

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