Saturday, November 8, 2014

Orange vol. 1 - not so typical shoujo

Original title: オレンジ
Polish title: Orange
Author: Takano Ichigo
Publisher: Waneko
Language: Polish
English edition: Orange published by Crunchyroll
Genre: Josei, drama, romance, slice of life

I'll start with saying I don't like shoujo manga. I hate diabetes-sweet romances, huge-eyed high school characters, "I love him but he loves me not" and so on. Really, I hate it. But if you think "Orange" is another story of that kind - you'll be surprised as hell! Although the art is totally in shoujo style (sigh...), the story itself seems more like josei or maybe even seinen - there are some supernatural events, suicide(s?), and a lot of what ifs.

Imagine you receive a letter from yourself ten years older. Would you be able to change the future that isn't the way it should be? No, that's not the actual question. The question is - would you be brave enough and change the present yourself to change the future? Or would you do nothing even if you knew you'd regret it?

Polish edition from Waneko is really nice. I had an opportunity to lay a hand on Japanese version, which has an absolutely stunning, rugged dustcover. Unfortutately, Polish edition has only a regular one, but well fitted to the cover (not too long, so it doesn't crumple on the edges) and mat with great colors. I think I've spotted a typo somewhere, but since I can't recall what it was it couldn't be bad. The only thing I could complain about was font used by the publisher - too decorative and, I would say, girly. I'm a fan of simple, easily readable fonts that don't take your attention away from the art. But overall Waneko did a good job with this title, I hope it'll be the same in next volumes. As for now, there are three volumes in Japan and the manga is intended to be 5-6 volumes long.

As for the story and my impression of it - it reminds me of some old story from the past. As I was reading this manga I kept wondering if I could change something if I knew what the future brings. Okay, I admit - I cried my eyes out reading this story - but it's just me and I'm weird. Nevertheless - go ahead, buy it and read it. It's totally worth it.

To you, seven years ago - we'll miss you.

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